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Talent Acquisition

At Avazzar we view talent acquisition as a strategic imperative in an organization, encompassing not just talent procurementbut also workforce planning functions such as forecasting talent requirements, pipelining and strategic talent assessment and development.

Setting in motion the process of identifying and acquiring skilled human capital, at Avazzar we do not merely hire an individual, every prospective candidateis considered a potential asset acquisition akin to the acquisitionother vital business assets. Our credo is that the quality of human capital deployed is most the vital and integral part of the growth of an organization.

Many of our clients have required, at some point,a dedicated talent acquisition platform, quiet distinct from generichuman resources recruitments to meet criticalniche specific requirements. Going further, our talent acquisition professionals will also handle post-hire issues, such as employee retention and career progression for our clients. At Avazzar, our talent acquisition teams are skilled in designing and implementing corporate hiring initiatives, candidate assessment, in compliance with recruiting standards as well as in employment branding practices.


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